The Msg-Meteorites collection

Since meteorites are so rare and because of their scientific, historical and cultural significance they need to be properly curated. Our earth can be a very inhospitable environment for meteorites, and not just because of our moist oxygen rich atmosphere. We as humans sometimes have a propensity to be more carefree and thoughtless than we ought to. With regards to  these amazing pieces of cosmic rock,  small details such as dates acquired/sold, previous owners etc. become very important when attached to our specimens and give them a provenance that lasts for ever. Paperwork, COAs and specimen cards are all just as essential as actually protecting specimens from oxidation and they need to be kept and conserved properly in association with the meteorites that they describe. Given the lengthy journey that meteorites have undergone before arriving in our collections, the very least we can do as collectors is to look after them properly.

Since I am but a temporary custodian of these specimens, I endeavour to curate my collection responsibly and with care and forethought for the coming generations who will have these fabulous rocks from space in their collections in the future. These specimens are normally locked away securely in a vault but here I am able to share them and they are displayed for all to see, please enjoy!

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