Meteorite Thin Sections For Sale

To purchase any specimens, please email me (contact at msg-meteorites dot co dot uk) or use my ‘Contact me‘ page. Let me know which specimens you are interested in and where you are so I can quote shipping costs to you. Specimens are available on a first come first served basis.
An extremely rare offering of thin sections from historic UK meteorite falls.

Excellent provenance on both, the Limerick comes from the NHM London via Rob Elliott and Mike Bandli and the Dundrum from John Schooler via NEMS. These thin sections were made by a vastly experienced thin section maker who also makes the thin sections supplied by Peter Marmet. They are of a very high quality. Not only are these historic specimens but the Limerick in particular was also very hard to work with the maker saying “Sulphides, salt, chlorides, in combination can really make meteorite slide preparation a challenging task. Each of the first two Limerick slides I spent 2 1/2 days on each!” So, these are not cheap but have been priced very fairly bearing the above in mind and the cost of the original material. These also have large surface area compared to many historic thin sections on the market. There are 5 x Limerick thin sections and 1 x Dundrum. Priced individually as follows:

Dundrum – SOLD

Limerick 1 – SOLD

Limerick 2 – SOLD

Limerick 3 – SOLD

Limerick 4 – SOLD

Limerick 5 – SOLD

All pictured below, click on each for larger photos:



The original specimens that these thin sections were made from are pictured here.

Limerick 2.45g part slice

Limerick 2.45g part slice

Dundrum 1.36g part slice

Dundrum 1.36g part slice