Murchison specimens for sale

To purchase any specimens, please email me (contact at msg-meteorites dot co dot uk) or use my ‘Contact me‘ page. Let me know which specimens you are interested in and where you are so I can quote shipping costs to you. Specimens are available on a first come first served basis.
A carbonaceous chondrite which exploded into fragments over the town of Murchison, approx. 200 km north of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia, on Sep. 28, 1969. About 82 kg of the material was recoveredand subsequent analysis showed the meteorite contained amino acids some of which were previously not known. A famous and important meteorite and one which every collection needs 🙂
(1) – 4.3 gram part slice – A nice sized part slice with good surface area – SOLD

(2) – 0.52 gram part slice – Part slice – SOLD

(3) – Micro mount – Small fragment – SOLD

(4) – Micro mount – Small fragment – $10