NWA 11607 CK 3-6 specimens for sale

To purchase any specimens, please email me (contact at msg-meteorites dot co dot uk) or use my ‘Contact me‘ page. Let me know which specimens you are interested in and where you are so I can quote shipping costs to you. Specimens are available on a first come first served basis.

A single 450g stone was purchased from a Moroccan meteorite dealer and was submitted for classification by myself. It was classified as a Carbonaceous meteorite from the CK class, not only a CK however but a CK 3-6 breccia. There is only one other meteorite classified as such and that is Miller Range 13136 which is an Antarctic find from 2013 with a TKW of only 0.8g! So this is the ONLY such classification that is available to collectors 🙂

The listing in the meteorite bulletin is as follows:

Northwest Africa 11607
Basic information Name: Northwest Africa 11607
This is an OFFICIAL meteorite name.
Abbreviation: NWA 11607
Observed fall: No
Year found: 2017
Country: (Northwest Africa)
Mass:help 450 g
Recommended:   CK3-6    

This is 1 of 2 approved meteorites classified as CK3-6.   [show all]
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Comments: Approved 9 Feb 2018

Writeup from MB 107:

Northwest Africa 11607 (NWA 11607)

Northwest Africa

Purchased: 2017

Classification: Carbonaceous chondrite (CK3-6)

History: The meteorite was bought from a meteorite dealer in Morocco.

Physical characteristics: Dark grayish to black individual partly covered with fusion crust.

Petrography: The meteorite is a chondritic breccia composed of angular to subrounded type 3-6 clasts set into a more fine-grained clastic matrix. The different clasts are up to 2 cm in size and vary in color from light greenish to almost black. Matrix dominates over chondrules which are on average about 1.2 mm in diameter. Ferroan, Ni-rich olivine is the most abundant mineral in all lithologies. While highly unequilibrated in type 3 clasts and matrix it is equilibrated at Fa29.6 in type 5 and 6 lithologies. One type 6 fragment with more Fe-rich olivine (Fa35) has been encountered. Less abundant are Ca-pyroxene, low-Ca pyroxene, and intermediate feldspar. Feldspar is up to 200 µm in size in type 6 lithologies and often intergrown with Ca-pyroxene. The meteorite containes abundant Cr-bearing magnetite and some FeNi-sulfides.

Geochemistry: Type 3 lithology: olivine: Fa22.4±12.7 (Fa1.7-34.0, NiO=0.3±0.2; FeO/MnO=103±31, n=32); low-Ca pyroxene: Fs16.3±8.0Wo0.9±0.9 (Fs2.9-27.7Wo0.5-4.1, n = 15), Ca-pyroxene: Fs10.9±4.8Wo33.8±6.5 (Fs2.4-17.6Wo23.1-45.1, n = 9); type 6 lithology: olivine: Fa29.6±0.6, NiO=0.4±0.1, FeO/MnO= 105±9, n=42; low-Ca pyroxene: Fs26.9±0.8Wo1.1±0.4, n=9, Ca-pyroxene: Fs11.6±2.6Wo39.3±6.6, n=13; Fe-rich fragment: olivine: Fa35.0±0.3, NiO=0.4±0.1, FeO/MnO= 143±13, n=38; Ca-pyroxene: Fs12.6±1.3Wo46.5±1.6, n=29; plagioclase: An78.8Ab20.9Or0.3, n=3; andesitic feldpar: An35.0Ab64.3Or0.7, n=3; Cr2O3 in magnetite is about 4.9 wt%.

Data from:
Table 0
Line 0:
Place of purchase: Morocco
Date: P 2017
Mass (g): 450
Pieces: 1
Class: CK3-6
Shock stage: S1
Weathering grade: low
Fayalite (mol%): 22.4; 29.6
Ferrosilite (mol%): 16.3; 26.9
Wollastonite (mol%): 0.9; 1.1
Classifier: A. Greshake, MNB
Type spec mass (g): 25.2
Type spec location: MNB
Main mass: Martin Goff
Comments: Submitted by Ansgar Greshake
and collections
MNB: Museum für Naturkunde, Invalidenstrasse 43, D-10115 Berlin, Germany (institutional address)
References: Published in Meteoritical Bulletin, no. 107, in preparation (2018)

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Credit Photos
Public domain photographs:
Ansgar Greshake       
Coordinates: Unknown.

This is 1 of 6128 approved meteorites from (Northwest Africa) (plus 2041 unapproved names)

The 132g main mass is shown here and resides in the Msg-Meteorites collection:

Here are three high magnification photos courtesy of the classifying scientist Ansgar Greshake:

The following specimens are all that is available. Each specimen comes with a display box (riker mount, euro box or membrane box dependant on size) and an Msg-Meteorites ID card.

NWA 11607 full slices

Lightly polished on one side and cut 1.5 to 2mm thick, the following are the only full slices that i have available. Please click a photo to see a full screen image.

NWA 11607 part slices

Lightly polished on one side and cut 1.5 to 2mm thick, the following are the only part slices that I have available. Please click a photo to see a full screen image.

NWA 11607 small part slices and fragments

The following are smaller part slices and fragments, apart from a few of the largest ones, these are priced by size,surface area and not weight. Please click a photo to see a full screen image.