Vulcan specimens for sale

To purchase any specimens, please email me (contact at msg-meteorites dot co dot uk) or use my ‘Contact me‘ page. Let me know which specimens you are interested in and where you are so I can quote shipping costs to you. Specimens are available on a first come first served basis.
The Vulcan meteorite was found by farmer N. Budd in April 1962 whilst ploughing his fields on his land 12km North East of the town of Vulcan, Alberta, Canada. Most of the fusion crust was intact although the interior was weathered and the single mass weighed 19kg. It is classified as a H6 Chondrite. Not very common in collections as seems to be the case with many Canadian meteorites, this is a great chance to get a piece with large surface area with official export permit. And of course it also has very very cool name! 🙂
The parent slice weighted 28.1 grams and is shown below.

28.1 gram parent slice of Vulcan

28.1 gram parent slice of Vulcan

These slices were wire saw cut sub mm thin for large surface area for the weight and are polished on one side to better show the matrix. All the slices come packaged in a membrane box and the cut fragments come in a 1 inch gem jar. All specimens come with copy of the export permit that was granted specifically for the the parent slice above. They will also come with my id card that pictures the parent slice they were cut from and a copy of the original COA from Rob Elliott.



Cut fragments