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Meteors, Asteroids, Meteoroids, Moon, Mars, Vesta and all things ‘Space’ related but especially Meteorites!!

Welcome to my Msg-Meteorites website. I am passionate about all things related to Meteorites or Space Rocks. Meteorites are just truly amazing, so many different types, so much information they can tell us about the age of our Solar System and how it formed. Also so many human interest stories. For it to be a meteorite that we can see and hold, it must have impacted on earth somewhere. Where? How? Did it hit anything? Did anyone see or hear it fall? These human interest stories can be fascinating. For me the depth and breadth of information that meteorites can tell us is what I find most interesting.

To own your very own genuine meteorite please see my shop. Lots of different types are listed including meteorites from the Moon (Lunar Meteorites) from Mars (Martian Meteorites) from asteroid Vesta as well as more common Stone and Iron meteorites. There are the beautiful Stoney-Iron Pallasite Meteorites and also Tektites and Impactites. If you need more information and can’t find it here or are unsure what to buy or confused by all the different types then please get in touch and I’ll be happy to advise you further. I also stock a growing range of ‘Space’ related items and gifts. Astronaut food, space themed mugs, puzzles, models, teddies and children’s toys. ‘Space’ air fresheners, lip balm and even astronaut bath ducks! See all of these and more in my shop 🙂

For a bit more info about me please see my ‘About Me’ page and for more information on meteorites please see my ‘About Meteorites’, ‘Meteorite Adventures’ and ‘Personal Collection’ pages.

If you like my site please do sign my guest book and if you have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me via my contact page.

All the best and keep your eyes to to the skies!


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Wold Cottage 2s test

Every time we handle a meteorite, or just gaze at it, we are likely to feel the shiver of excitement, of the mystery of reaching out and making contact with the unknown’
G. J. H. McCall