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I Love You To The Moon And Back Card. With GENUINE MOON DUST on! Fantastic Valentines card! 3 different designs


‘I Love You To The Moon And Back’ cards in three different designs. These cards have genuine Moon Dust from a Lunar Meteorite that has fallen to earth on them. When Lunar meteorites are cut and prepared it generates cutting dust which is what is used here. The Moon Dust is mounted with glue on the card but is not covered so when you touch it you are actually touching a real piece of the Moon!

The cards are A6 in size and are completely blank inside so you can write your chosen message. On the back is a printed explanation about the Moon Dust. They come with a plain white envelope and are cellophane wrapped.

Can be framed after you’ve gifted it so you can keep a piece of the Moon as a memento 😊

Show someone that you love them to the Moon and back! 🙂

See also our Moon Rock display cards and boxes with genuine Moon Rocks in! The perfect gift to go with these cards 🙂

All my Meteorites and Impactites are guaranteed genuine, i have been dealing with Meteorites since 2007 and am well known in the Meteorite World as a trusted seller. I am a member of the British and Irish Meteorite Society and the International Meteorite Collectors Association and abide by their rules and regulations.