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Meteorites – Their Impact On Science And History by Brigitte Zanda And Monica Rotaru


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What are these strange rocks that fall from the sky? Where do they come from? Are they a threat? What are they made of? How common are they? Throughout history, we have been fascinated by meteorites and their significance. As time has passed, we have learned more and more about these extraterrestrial objects and today, the scientific study of meteorites provides a wealth of information about the solar system. They reveal clues to some of the greatest scientific enigmas: the origin of life on Earth, the mass extinction of species, the nature and composition of asteroids, the conditions during the formation of the solar system, and the dust from stars that died long before our Sun formed. This comprehensive guide to meteorites, first published in 2001, was written by a team of experts. With the help of over two hundred full-colour photographs, diagrams and graphs, they will skillfully answer all your questions.