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NWA 11506 Achondrite Eucrite Part Slice weighing 1.09g


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NWA 11506 Achondrite Eucrite Part Slice weighing 1.09g


Northwest Africa 11506
Basic informationName: Northwest Africa 11506
This is an OFFICIAL meteorite name.
Abbreviation: NWA 11506
Observed fall: No
Year found: 2017
Country: (Northwest Africa)
Mass:help 63.3 g
Meteoritical Bulletin:MB 106  (2018)Eucrite-br
Recommended:  Eucrite-br    [explanation]

This is 1 of 182 approved meteorites classified as Eucrite-br.   [show all]
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Comments:Approved 6 Dec 2017
Writeup from MB 106:

Northwest Africa 11506 (NWA 11506)

(Northwest Africa)

Purchased: 2017 Apr

Classification: HED achondrite (Eucrite, brecciated)

History: Purchased by Fabien Kuntz in April 2017 from a dealer in Erfoud, Morocco.

Petrography: (A. Irving and S. Kuehner, UWS) Breccia consisting mainly of eucritic debris plus some subophitic eucrite clasts exhibiting variable grainsize. Minerals are exsolved pigeonite, calcic plagioclase, subcalcic augite, silica polymorph, ilmenite, troilite, merrillite, minor calcite and rare zircon.

Geochemistry: Orthopyroxene host (Fs61.9-63.0Wo1.9-1.6, FeO/MnO = 33-35, N = 2), clinopyroxene exsolution lamellae (Fs28.0-31.4Wo42.3-38.9, FeO/MnO = 34-36, N = 2), subcalcic augite (Fs37.2Wo23.3, FeO/MnO = 33), plagioclase (An83.5-85.1Or0.6, N = 2).

Classification: Eucrite (breccia).

Specimens: 12.79 g including one polished thin section at PSF; remainder with Kuntz.

Data from:
Table 0
Line 0:
Place of purchase:Erfoud
Date:P 2017 Apr
Mass (g):63.3
Shock stage:low
Weathering grade:low
Ferrosilite (mol%):61.9-63.0
Wollastonite (mol%):1.9-1.6
Classifier:A. Irving and S. Kuehner, UWS
Type spec mass (g):12.79
Type spec location:PSF
Main mass:F. Kuntz
Comments:Work name K367; submitted by A. Irving