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Orange Colour Change Silica Gel Dessicant


These moisture indicating Silica Gel beads can be sealed inside individual display cases or in breathable boxes inside cabinets to reduce humidty. Indicating silica gel provides an easy to view detection method so you can determine when desiccant needs to be recharged or replaced. Indicating desiccant does this by changing colour as it becomes increasingly saturated with moisture. This Silica Gel appears orange/yellow in color when dry and green after the desiccant becomes saturated with moisture to about 15% by weight. In 1998, the European Union prohibited Blue Indicating Silica Gel (which contains cobalt chloride, a known human toxin) from being sold within European markets. This Orange colour change Silica gel fully conforms to the EU requirements and is non-toxic.

  • Item size 250g or 500g bags
  • Bead size 2-5mm