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Space Gem! Olivine Peridot crystal from a Pallasite Meteorite in a display box


This is a genuine space gem taken from a Pallasite Meteorite. These gems are ‘Olivine’ or more specifically ‘Peridot’ which is a gem quality Olivine. Olivine is quite a common mineral but the gem quality Peridot is much rarer. It is one of the few gemstones that naturally only occurs in one colour – olive green, although visually the intensity and clarity can vary so they appear from a dark greeny brown through to a bright yellow. This Peridot is taken from the Jepara Pallasite Meteorite which was found in Java, Indonesia in 2008 by farmers digging in muddy ground. The main mass found weighed just under 500kg and was roughly spherical and about 80cm in diameter.

It comes in a foam padded and photo matted display box with info printed on the back. Comes with choice of 3 x different size Peridot crystals.

Ideal as a present, an ‘Out of this world’ gift or stocking filler. 🙂