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My name is Martin Goff and I am a meteorite obsessive! I have been collecting meteorites since 2007, my first specimen being a small Campo del Cielo crystal (which of course I still have) I am in awe of these rocks from space and just  to hold something in your hand  that is older than the Earth that we live on still blows me away every time. Being able to look back in time in such a real and tangible way is amazing. The feeling of wonderment and sense of perspective that this gives you never goes away and in fact only deepens as your knowledge increases.

My name is Martin Goff and I am a meteorite obsessive!

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Being half English, half French, my main collecting focus is on UK/ Irish and French meteorites . I enjoy the history and cultural impact (pun intended) on people and places that these rocks from space leave behind as well as the science that they provide. It’s the interweaving of all these different aspects from each meteorite fall that make collecting meteorites such a fascinating and engrossing hobby for me. They certainly provide a strong sense of place in this world we live in and show us how insignificant we really are in the scheme of things.

I live in Rossendale, Lancashire in the UK and I work as a Crime Scene Investigator. Prior to that I worked as a chef,  a computer technician,  a freelance photographer,  a cheesecake factory operative and a trainee electrician amongst other jobs.  I started out training as a chef  (the influence of French cuisine in my upbringing) and worked in restaurants in the UK and France. However knowing what I do now (isn’t hindsight a wonderful thing) if I was starting over again I know that I would be paying much more attention in science classes and would start my meteoritical education a lot sooner 🙂   I am a member of the International Meteorite Collectors Association (IMCA member 3387) and the British and Irish Meteorite Society (BIMS)

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When I had slightly more hair!
Martin Goff with fire
That’s the last time I eat any Martian meteorite!
Sat in front of the Wold Cottage monument