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Wold Cottage original painting by Jerry Armstrong

During a visit to the historic Wold Cottage with my family during Summer 2009 I took the following photograph of the monument with the Wold Cottage itself visible in the middle far right. This monument was erected by Sir Edward Topham in 1799 and marks the exact spot where the meteorite fell in 1795.

The monument on a glorious summer day

In 2010 i commisioned Jerry Armstrong to create an original painting based on this photograph and in January 2011 it was finally completed.

Jerry Armstrong holding the part finished painting. Photo Courtesy of Dave Gheesling.

It is a 16″ by 20″ painting and the original will remain in my collection but Giclee prints are available from Jerry. I will also be donating a Giclee print of the painting to Derek and Katrina Gray to be displayed at the Wold Cottage.

16″ by 20″ Jerry Armstrong original painting of the Wold Cottage and the monument marking the spot of this historic 1795 meteorite fall
Jerry Armstrong holding the completed painting. Photo Courtesy of Dave Gheesling.
Me presenting Derek with a giclee print of my Jerry Armstrong Wold Cottage painting during a visit with Rob Wesel.