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For a Fistful of Rocks – Arid Zone Meteorite Prospection. Volume 1: From The Ténéré to Western Sahara by Svend Buhl


BRAND NEW HARDBACK – FOR A FISTFUL OF ROCKS is the illustrated, firsthand account of five field expeditions undertaken in the African Sahara and the Arabian peninsula. From the Ténéré desert in the Republic of Niger to the Saquia al Hamra in Western Sahara, the author takes his team on a demanding journey in search of meteorites on ancient desert surfaces.

Battling with expedition logistics, outdated navigation charts and mirages, success only comes with a steep learning curve. Facing illhumored Algerian frontier police, possessive contrabandists and inquisitive tribal chieftains, it’s evident that in meteorite prospection the human factor is critical, too. Enriched with formidable research on the origin and genesis of different meteorite types, the account paints a gripping picture of the challenges of daily field work and the thrill of finding and holding in one’s hand a rock that traveled for millions of years in the darkness of space.

With riveting text and captivating photography, For a Fistful of Rocks tells the story of desert meteorite recovery in the 21st century.