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  • Space blanket gold 1
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  • Space blanket silver 1

Space Foil Blanket in Silver or Gold


  • Space Foil Blanket
  • Available in Gold or Silver
  • 130 x 210cm when unfolded

Space Blankets are made from Mylar. Mylar was developed by NASA and has been a vital component used for space exploration. It has been used to protect astronauts from solar radiation and sensitive equipment from outer space’s extreme temperature ranges.

The material has been used on many space missions including Pegasus, Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo missions. On earth, mylar blankets have provided many millions of users worldwide with comfort, warmth, security and safety of personal thermal reflectance against the cold.

– This is not a toy
– Do not expose to direct flame
– Full body wrap in warm weather may cause overheating
– Avoid contact with power sources or electrical devices
– Always use under supervision with children and infants as
suffocation hazards exist