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Star Searchers Playset Model


In stock

Description –This set contains 4 characters to build and play with. The pieces are fully interchangeable so you can create whatever you like.
The 2 robots have moving parts on our ingenious systems.
The characters are fully interchangeable with the Space Station and Space Ranger models.

Product Dimensions – 11x11x1.2 cm

Product Weight – 80 g

About Playpress Toys Ltd – Buildable play sets for ages 3-99 year olds. Create a world of fun and stories with Playpress, a universe of buildable connectable play sets that are made sustainably without plastic. Our sets are designed for ages 3 and upwards, providing hours of construction fun and play. They are made from our unique robust play board, a material that can stand up to demanding play but is also totally recyclable and biodegradable. Check out our range of playsets. Our range is growing all the time. We have won awards and our fun designs add greatly to any shop. Stocked in many museums and art galleries in the UK and elsewhere, our sets will add value to all. Priced at a level to appeal to all, you will have customers returning to buy more, and their friends will do the same! Our ecological stand is highly important to us, and you won’t find plastic anywhere, you won’t find ocean damaging inks, glues or papers. Above all, though, we aim to produce a fun and absorbing play experience that will last for a long time. Add us to your shop, our reorder rate is high and typically, we will also send with your first order some characters that you can build and display, so your customers know what they are buying. The sets come beautifully packaged (but minimally to avoid any unnecessary waste)—the child follows a pictorial instruction leaflet, pushes the pieces out of the boards and then builds his/her toy. The child can store the toy in the box—the packaging neatly converts into a box to store the toy, or one can pop the pieces back into the boards and store as purchased. All sets are completely interchangeable so you can watch your child create imaginative play by mixing the parts and making whatever they wish. A truly absorbing play experience that uses all the senses without causing any harm to the environment. Made in the UK to reduce travel miles as well!!

Eco-Friendly – Made in UK – Social Good