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Winchcombe Meteorite Framed Small Micro Fragment FROM THE UK


In stock

These fragments are all a similar size and are a micro fragment. They are numbered and will be sold in order from number 39 to number 53. The photos are an example and will not be the exact specimen you will receive. This will be supplied mounted into a frame as the example pictured in the photos (photo of frame shows a larger fragment but is just to show how it will be framed)

The most recent UK Meteorite fall! And classified as a rare Carbonaceous Chondrite CM2 to boot! Fell 28th February 2021. This is very, very rare material with an official TKW of 602g. I only have a few grams of material to offer, all of which has absolutely rock solid provenance and can be traced back to source. They are from finds made by Chris Casey and Chris and Luther Jackson jointly which are well documented with the video and photos in these listings.

They will be in Black display frames measuring 8 inches by 6 inches (20.5cm x 15.5cm) Each specimen is in a white foam backed gem jar mounted onto a map of Winchcombe. The map of Winchcombe included in the framed displays is a print of the original drawn by local artist Katie Morgan and has been updated by her to include the Winchcombe fireball at the bottom left of the map. The Winchcombe Parish Magazine is the April 2021 edition which has an article on the Winchcombe meteorite written by Cathryn Wilcock on whose driveway the largest piece famously impacted.

All specimens will come with an Msg-Meteorites id card.