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Mars Soil Simulant as used by NASA


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NASA’s exploration plans for the Moon and Mars created a need for materials science and technology research. Part of the research required the use of Lunar and Mars soil simulants for materials experiments, prototype testing, dust mitigation of transport equipment, advanced life support systems and in situ resource processing. JSC-Mars-1A is a palagonite tephra (glassy volcanic ash altered at low temperatures) collected from the slopes of a cinder cone on the island of Hawaii and engineered for the correct grain size and distribution that matches that of the martian surface. This material has been repeatedly cited as a close spectral analogue to the martian surface and the chemical composition compares to that of a typical martian surface sample analysed at the Viking 1 site.

Vial of soil simulant on info card (approx 0.5g in vial)

Vial is glued onto a colour Postcard sized card with info about soil simulants and comes in a clear cellophane protective envelope.

Ideal as a present, an ‘Out of this world’ gift or stocking filler.