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  • NWA 11273-Lunar-meteorite-1
  • NWA 11273-Lunar-meteorite-1
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NWA 11273 Lunar Meteorite


To purchase any specimens, please don’t add to basket but instead email me (contact at msg-meteorites dot co dot uk) or use my ‘Contact me‘ page. Let me know what sort of size you might want or how much you want to spend and i can send over some photos of pieces that suit your size requirement/budget.

I am happy to offer here a selection of small Lunar individuals at a price that is way lower than prices of the last few years. If you want a piece of the moon that is of a size you can hold in your hands but a price that won’t break the bank then NOW is the time!

Each specimen will be supplied in membrane box with photo matted display inlay. Priced at £80 per gram for pieces 1 gram or less and £65 per gram for pieces over 1 gram. I have pieces from 0.5g to 6g, let me know your price/size range and i’ll send you some photos of a selection of specimens in that range.